Can public bathrooms be cleaner and more efficient?


Element is an automated faucet and hand dryer. Its purpose is to mitigate the environmental impact generated by public bathrooms while offering the most convenient and cleanest way to dry your hands... over the sink.

Concept Development, Sketching, Prototyping, 3D Modelling, Rendering.

Project Duration: 10 Weeks

Bring hands to the side to activate dryer.

The physical model contained a top sensor to provide better visibility. This however, forced the user to hover wave wet hands above the faucet to activate the dryer, staining the faucet after every use. By shifting the sensors to the side and adding icons, visibility was maintained and usability was increased.

A Single motor delivers warm air to bathroom sinks, reducing noise (especially if installed remotely), waiting time, water spills, paper use, and cleaning materials.


Early concepts

Physical Model

"Hand dryers are loud, there is only ever one, and I'd just rather use a paper towel or swing it dry."