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Hi! My name is Eduardo; I'm an Industrial Designer. You know that already. Here are some things you don't:


After work, I like to spend time outside running, biking, camping, exploring new trails, and rock climbing. The last one is my favorite.


I was born in Brasîlia. I make a great caipirinha, and the best food is moqueca baiana. Not an opinion :)


I grew up very close to my nine cousins and grandparents. Every Sunday, we gathered (all 19 of us) for lunch with my grandmother, who insisted on cooking it all herself. I watched her labored hands peel, stretch, mix, sew, tie, paint, spread, mend, cook, stir, fix and cut. She cut kale into the thinnest slices I've seen. After lunch, she showed us how to make bows and arrows, bonfires, and at night, how to bandage all our scrapes and cuts. After that, I started paying attention to how people hold, press, turn, squeeze, sort, organize and plan their day. It took some searching to discover that I could continue paying attention to people and how they do things as a profession. Making someone's life a bit easier and a bit more enjoyable is bliss


My mother dedicated her life to fighting for human rights and the conservation of our natural resources. Her strength and perseverance are my greatest inspiration, and the ethos of her work inspires me to design for the betterment of people, societies, and our planet. My father and sister dedicated their lives to teaching and helping people learn. They taught me how to listen to the small voices in the room, teach with patience and fewer words, and pay more attention to what is needed than what is wanted.

If you are still engaged and want to know more about my professional life, here is a résumé of the last few years. 

Eduardo Dodge's Resume 2021
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