California Dreaming

Hymer + SCAD

Designed with a vintage taste of the 60’s, California Dreaming invites users to come together and enjoy the outdoors. It pays homage to the legendary Eriba Touring, in the market for more than 60 years and one of the most iconic and recognized caravans in Europe.

Lead Designer, responsible for Sketching, Modelling, 3D Modelling and Rendering.

Project Duration: 10 Weeks

The challenge was to redesign the Eriba Touring for a younger audience in the American market. This was done by adding sustainable technologies that provide economic incentive and redesigning both exterior and interior to fit the needs and culture of the American market.

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CalDream Picnic
eriba inside with tv
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Its large doors open wide, extending the kitchen for large cook out barbecue gatherings. The awning is stored inside the overhead compartments. The roof extends 21cm to allow for headspace.It is also equipped with a translucent solar panel that powers the entire caravan with AC, heating, stoves, hot water, and power outlets.

The windows are covered with a transparent LCD film that turns the up the opacity with the click of a button for privacy. 

When not in use, the solar panels can be used to power the user’s home, returning the investment for the caravan within 10 years.